Synthesis Project

Synthesis is dedicated to nature and to its delicate balance with humanity. We see the year 2020 as a pure example of the Butterfly effect. These times in many ways have shown us how all is in connection on this Earth.

All the music within Synthesis is recorded in the organic silence of nature. Our aim in having studios out in the nature is to rebuild the essential connection of humans with their core habitat. We are calling out for artists who believe it is time to unite as humans and to live more consciously.

This project is funded by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria.

EMBERS – the first song

The location is Eastern Europe, Bulgaria, Western Rhodopes. This is a mountain that hides its secrets from forgotten times, a land that carries the spirit of the Thracians. They worshiped the Sun and the fire, and were connected to the natural forces. They performed rituals and played Orpheus melodies in mysterious groves, on stone sanctuaries around the flames of sacred fires. The first song from the Synthesis project is recorded at one of these sacred places. It is called EMBERS and it has been composed and created for the element fire, the heartbeat, the summer and the warmth.


OMEN – the second song

In the far and wildest parts of the Rhodope mountains, we’ve witnessed the colorful tale of a deep and wet season. Autumn is the omen of a deep sleep and the freezing winter. It gives us time to reflect and be grateful for the Earth and its gifts. But now the Earth takes back all that she gave birth to. She gathers the dead leaves in her lap to prepare them for the new life that will sprout from them.
Тhe signs of nature show us the future, the past and the present – the three dimensions of our existence. They are like three parallel rivers that never meet, like three parallel strings. Sounding at the same time, they still connect in the world of music and natural sounds. At that place, they exchange their experiences and tell us about the meaning of life.

WHITE ECHO – the third song

Recorded in the winter lands of Bulgaria – Batak, Beglika & Northern Rhodopes this song is dedicated to the water.


PRAYER TO THE WIND – the fourth song

Prayer to the Wind is the forth song from the Synthesis project. It is dedicated to the wind element and the season spring. The video captures two of Bulgaria’s treasures. The first one is one of the most precious roses in the World – Damascena. Due to the crisis in 2021 the farmers need help in order to preserve the fields. Long story, so keep it short – Volunteers are more than welcome! The second place is one of the last “wild” beaches in Bulgaria – Irakli. Since 2012 bars, hotels and shops are being built there. The building process is continuing to grow over the beach and forest areas. Let’s do our best to keep Irakli away from the urbanization, but close to the nature. People need Freedom. Plants, animals and the Nature need it too.

NAMAKA – natural things

NAMAKA means believe (comes from a sanskrit word), as we believe in Nature and its powers to harmonize, balance and heal the human’s mind, body and spirit. The inspiration in starting “Namaka” is found in Kristina’s endless curiosity of exploring this World and understanding more about humans and nature itself. The products Namaka are made exclusively from natural ingredients without parabens, dyes, silicone, petrochemicals and other harmful substances for the body. Selected, harvested and local herbs, fruits & blossoms, essential oils, vegetable oils and butters, plant based vitamins and active ingredients are the main raw materials of our products. They offer an ultimate aromatherapy experience, both beneficial for skin and mind.

Music Academy

We have created a decentralized Music Academy in the Southern part of Bulgaria. Sharing our creative & musical knowledge, and enriching the cultural life in this small town is the academy’s mission towards a more harmonious and balanced lifestyle. You can learn with us tambura, daf, guitar, ukulele, and more. For private online lessons drop us a message here.

Session Recordings

We offer session recordings and ideas for song composing. For more info contact us or visit